Our Land

Source of Life, priority for FAGRO® NATURE.

Generator of food, agro-industrial products and bioenergy.


Contribute to a clean and prodcutive field

In the past Century, it has contributed to the growth in production, but at a high cost to pollute, erode, poison, destroying ecosystems and have deteriorated

our Land

Working with the community to produce agro products with more and better quality with fewer resources and sustainability

our Land

we will have enough food, bioenergy, water and clean air, to feed and generate resources for

9 Billion humans

by 2050

When Caring

Encourage agribusiness community awareness and responsibility of a new agriculture and a healthy and more productive FIELD

Fagro® has the Vision to help

use earths natural resources

(plants and microbes) through Investigation and


biotechnology to create organic, sustainable prodcuts with zero waste.

We start from the Root, starting with the research and development of biotechnology, to later produce and market sustainable products

Crops and plants must obtain the proper amount of nutrients through the roots and healthy leaves.


At Fagro® we work to develop products that help the good crop development through rapid and efficient absorption of nutrients and stress reduction.


Promote and create a community of wise people who contribute to the generation of technology, products and services for our LAND

The new paradigm of agriculture is back to its roots rediscovering the importance of healthy soil

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Generate technology to reduce costs and fertilizer contamination. Products that emphasize biochemical cycles of plants contributing to more and better crops


It is important that vital processes along with good nutrition, to facilitate good development, growth, florwering, and fruitng of crops during critical events.

Develop new organic bio-stimulants from organisms, microalgae and various organic sources


Essential to provide the necessary nutritional components for plant growth,and an improvement in microbial soil life.

They help biochemical cycles where macronutrients are assimilated by the plant more easily.

Resistance Inductors

New tool for sustainable agricultur to help plants  defend their selfs against plagues and diseases reducing the chemical load of the crops.

Finding new sources of fertilizer with a higher power of nutrition and biostimulation 


Improve knowledge of the defense system of crops generating new ways of inducing resistance

Nature is wise to develop natural enemies  

that attack pests and diseases in vairous ways to prevent further damage.

In order to improve efficency to crops 





are used that perform a lot of functions that help improve the performance of products sprayed to the crops such as improving the pH, reducing water hardness and adhesion of the applied products.


Water conditioners

Investigate into the world of microbes and plant extracts new ways to control phytosanitary problems creating healthy ecosystems

Find new water conditioners of organic origin that helps improve the performance of agricultural products

In summary

Our Land

acihieves more and beter crops sustainability and that future generations continue to enjoy the land and its fruits, Naturally Fagro® offers our farmers a range of specialized products and services to help them Harvest Quality.